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Give the Gift of Literacy

You Can Help Waiting Students Learn to Read.

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Be the hero in A.R.'s Life

A. is a young adult, who recognized it’s never too late to claim his right to literacy.

It took a lot for him to gather the courage to leave the house and begin tutoring with RITES teacher, Deborah Phillips (pictured here, working on their Wilson reading and spelling lesson).

While he receives some financial assistance from RITES, that money will run out well before A. meets his goal of being able to read at a level that could lead to job opportunities. Here is how RITES has helped, in his own words:

“My reading has improved since I started at RITES in May of 2018. Since graduating from High School in 2013, I have been at home most of the time. I was shy, and uncomfortable with new people. I am happy to come to tutoring because my reading is improving. I used to play video games but was not able to rad the words. Now I can do that. I don’t get lost anymore, because I can read the street signs. I feel comfortable with my tutor, Deb. I hope to go to a trade school, so I can get a job that I like.”